And the list goes on…..

Mr. Pettis said, “We can include people, but if you have inclusion that is not backed by opportunity, that means nothing.  For me, that really stuck.  I already knew my talents and skills were not being utilized to the fullest extent.”  For me, it said, “you are included at the table.”  This is an issue I’ve seen come up time and time again when looking for the best attorney for child custody.  And when that opportunity comes, instead of stepping back and looking for a family law lawyer near me, I stepped up.  A self-described introvert, Rawls said she no longer allows opportunities to pass her by.  Besides a long list of involvement with her church and child advocacy, Rawls is the new president of the Eighth Circuit Bar Association.  At the Florida Bar, she is a member of the Voluntary Bar Liason Committee and the Juvenile Law Board Certification Committee.  “Now I feel ownership as part of the Bar.  I feel a responsibility to do things, not just in my community, but be a leader for other people and to be an example for others.  In the smaller circuits, we don’t get that much exposure and opportunities.  By giving us those opportunities, our opinions are solicited.  We are included when big decisions have to be made, believe it or not.  Now, I appreciate the profession.  I see the profession in much bigger that the area of law I practice in.  In that one year of Leadership Academy, every meeting was about me learning more about myself.  I learned I had so much more value than I was giving myself.  My ideas are valued and appreciated, believe it or not, even when discussing the laws revolving around a child support attorney.

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