Online Parenting Programs for those that are interested

Are you a member of the Court?  I guess this isn’t relevant, because you already are aware of the proper procedures as well as programs put in place to help your clients.  Well, what if you aren’t a member of the court?  In that case, we wanted to make you aware of the additional online divorce resources. has been a recognized provider within Florida through the Parent and Family Stabilization list for over the past 8 years or so, offering the mandated Online Co-Parenting Parenting Class.  During this time, they have had the honor of hearing from countless parents within the state looking for them for additional resources, and they were able to provide them with the required assistance.  However, in order to better facilitate the parent’s access to thsese programs, they must first make everyone aware of what is now available:

Level 2 online Co-Parenting-  A skills-based program desiged by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., for potentially high-conflict parents during separation or divorce.  These skills help parents protect their children from conflict as their family reorganizes in new ways.  This course is appropriate for parents who have restricted contact or are not expected to be able to co-parent in a collaborative way without guidelines.

New!  Online Parent/Child Class-  Created in collaboration with Bill Eddy, this is a skills-based, child-centered program designed to accompany co-parent education.  It prepares parents and children together as they transition during divorce/separation.  This is the highest requested program by parents within the state of Florida!

New! Foundations for the Future- This cheap quick divorce class is for famalies facing serious parenting challenges, typlically these are court-involved parents or other parents in high risk situations who would benefit from learning basic parenting skills.  The primary goal is to minimize the risk of child maltreatment while optimizing child developmental outcomes.

From parents surveyed within the state, over 85% of participants would recommend this online program.  We contribute this to the fact that they are continually researching and assessing their programs to provide current and relevant information to the parents.  They have the staff and the ability to continue to work with parents.  Over 92% surveyed said they would be interested in additional helpful resources.

They always welcome the opporotutnity to answer questions regarding said curriculum, set the individual(s) up with administrative access to any classes or review the research with you.  Your continued support is much appreciated.

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