Remote hearings for civil cases; how about the Amazing Race?

COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Task Force hears plans to address the case backlogs. Remote hearings would be presumed acceptable for civil matters under a permanent rule change that the Supreme Court’s COVID-19 Workgroup will recommend to the Florida Supreme Court. The proposal is one of many designed to deal with the backlog of cases that has accured since the pandemic halted jury trials in March, 20th Circuit Chief Judge Michael McHugh told an October 19 meeting of the Bar’s COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Task Force. One of the things that we felt very strongly about is that we needed to move family and civil cases forward said McHugh, discussing the court’s civil subgroup’s proposed requirements and evaluation criteria for the jury trial. Whether you’re looking for an outstanding st pete beach divorce attorney, or an outstanding pinellas park divorce attorney, please do not hesitate to reach out to someone competent, or else if you end up on the Amazing Race, and injured, you may find yourself helpless…….