Bicycle Hobby Of A Dynamic Guy

If you want to learn about the bicycle, you can visit here for all the best hybrid bikes for men. Besides it, I will tell you the story about the guy who has the hobby about bicycle.

Joe is a mighty hand bike tour guide stunned a decade, with the area of operation stretches from north to south, and then squeezed both Laos and Cambodia … The stories and experiences with his bike often cause listened blankly as a pleasant surprise. He did not want to write about themselves and their cars, but to be experienced when the dragon saw movement play “iron horse” is back with the young:

 A New Game Starts

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Today, cycling is a sport that is stylish. Those are the Giant, Trek, and Cannondale… colorful, diverse styles. Cycling is to enjoy the clear air of the dawn, rode to the lake and watching the ripples water light, and cycling to … watch together. There are hundreds of models, there are also thousands of people a reason to city cycling, of course, and play bike components are no longer limited to the athlete or tourist world as before.

In addition to the bike a little morning to start a new day, many young people consider bicycles as the main means of transportation, are loath to dynamic automobile or motorcycle. It’s remarkable, whence easy when every day to go to work, go to school, hang out, see friends only by bike, in the summer the heat. On the board have had many “mirror” so remarkable.

The bicycle has a decent budget reduces spending by individuals, and contribute to clean air was too heavy pollution. Someone will think: Reducing emissions are the job of governments and the United Nations, their best lo stars ENDING? If everyone thought that way, future generations would be like? It is the very plausible talk of so many young people on some forums when it comes to playing bike problems.

Unlike line hardy bicycles plying the country’s pre-reform period, today the bike on the road has blown a new life to urban life, both fresh and modern, just calming rhythm noisy life.

When the bike is not for the poor…

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Tour guide, bankers, and employees of non-governmental organizations and foreign enterprises … are the first to participate given up playing bike was formed about five years ago, then spread to many other components of the youth, of all ages, occupations.

That is the road bike bearing the well-known brands, such as BMC cars – are produced joint venture between Switzerland and the US; Italian Cinelli and COLNAGO, healthy shape, in line with the flat and still can be used for athletes Rally.

Very different is the wheel, called MTB (Mountain bike), has a structure that is dedicated to providing mountain road, known as the Lit speed brand, Yeti, Intense, or Moots produced in the US, with a knack is the steep mountain roads that drive high or buffalo elephant drive … but quite expensive, it is not consistent with the majority of players today bikes.

This explains the appearance of the car pretty strong Trek, Giant and Cannondale have more affordable prices, by the provision of roads is not too difficult mountainous and rural areas, as consistent as walking in streets. Few people are willing to spend several hundred million to play bike, but most content with the cost about ten million.

Play bike both easy and difficult. Ease in place, if only to buy a car average class is almost anyone can do, but difficult for enthusiasts to pursue the medium requires a financial investment, just time consuming.

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Ordinary people, it knows that a brand phosphate neck reputation to the tens of millions, as hard to believe that there are patterns in Vietnam bike that just present a few pieces, rare as that Rolls-Royce cars. Played vehicle must know about the accessories, and not just want to be there a right pair of pedals, the saddle … like that.

From this movement, the shopping centers, and the spare bike was born, with models and different activities, offering a time before purchasing a bicycle. Now your boss can store detailed advice to customers should use the car in any class.

And this also seems not different to play camera movement attracted young people each – have been involved in the car industry, the rivalries play toys and equipment will not stop. A lot of people cared and invested in his car with enough items, from flashlights to GPS, from leather bags mounted in the rear to gauge the speed … the items variable nature of cycling races pure sports become romantic journey

An American professional road racing cyclist. Serious, quiet, with loner tendencies. Enjoys solitude and tends to sit back and observe.