Is there a Gender Bias in the legal workworld?

While a response isn’t necessary, it still might be worthwhile, especially when we’re talking about family law attorneys near me or in the vicinity.  In response to former counsel questioning and ultimately belittling the experience of many female attorneys (yes, being called “babe” is both unprofessional and demeaning), the slippery slope arguments and hairsplitting will... Read More »

Online Parenting Programs for those that are interested

Are you a member of the Court?  I guess this isn’t relevant, because you already are aware of the proper procedures as well as programs put in place to help your clients.  Well, what if you aren’t a member of the court?  In that case, we wanted to make you aware of the additional online... Read More »

And the list goes on…..

Mr. Pettis said, “We can include people, but if you have inclusion that is not backed by opportunity, that means nothing.  For me, that really stuck.  I already knew my talents and skills were not being utilized to the fullest extent.”  For me, it said, “you are included at the table.”  This is an issue... Read More »

All I did was pay my dues!

Meshon Rawls admits there was a time as a lawyer when “all I did was pay my dues.”  After becoming a certified legal intern in 1998 and foregoing an opportunity to work with one of the best st pete beach divorce attorneys for men, she became an assistant public defender in the Eighth Circuit, with... Read More »