Essential Equipment To Repair Your Bicycle In The Backyard

Bicycle is a very familiar mean of transport to every of us. Unlike other means of transport, bicycle is very easy for us to fix and maintain at home.

However, to make the maintenance and repairing work at your house, you are required to have some basic skills and fundamental techniques. This is not a complete list of tools they will help you get the most of the maintenance work and repairs.

Cleaning Fluid

Get yourself some cleaning fluid and a soft cloth. You can buy special cleaning products for bicycles or I regularly use, just general purpose cleaning liquid, such as washing dishes.

It’s still good for degreasing and washing off all the crud and dirt. Make sure you check the fluid is safe to use on rubber, plastic alloys and although you will obviously want to avoid damaging the bike.


You can have a set of screwdrivers anyway, but check if you have a choice of both flat head and slider (also known as Phillips) screwdriver. Personally I prefer to use a screwdriver electric battery but obviously an added expense that many people may not want to use.


There is a short and long pliers. Try also to have a very small set of pliers. In each bicycle, there are different parts with different size. Therefore, you cannot apply one size plier for all of those part. It is better for you to prepare a set of pliers in advanced. In each set, there are multiple size pliers; as a result, you can deal with every size of parts of your bicycle.

Wire Cutters

You will also need a wire cutter for various jobs. Many also hold a wire cutting elements for them, so if your pliers to do then you will not need a separate set of wire cutters.

Small Hammer

You will need a small hammer for various work, where you need to hit something to its proper position. Why don’t you use a big hammer? It is reasonable to use a small hammer instead of using a big one. A bicycle is a small and simple mean of transport, if you use a big hammer, you might break your bicycle rather than repair it.

Plastic Tire Lever

I used to use a flat head screwdriver to peel bicycle tires but not anymore. The risk of damaging the inner tube is too great. Buy some plastic tire lever for this. They make the job of the tire of a breeze and significantly reduces the risk of damaging the tube and rim.


Some tasks, such as measuring the brake discs need the help of a torch. You can use a variety of traditional hand or you can try one of the torch is attached to a band, allowing you to continue working. You’ll be happy you bought a headband type torch if your broken bike in the dark.

Set Of Wrenches

Buy a full selection of wrenches as you will need them for a variety of jobs. You can also buy an adjustable wrench, but I only partially successful use. More often than not, it is usually better to have separate wrenches of various sizes.

Brush And Toothbrushes

A brush is essential to clean different parts of the bike as the chain and a toothbrush is perfect for those hard to reach places such as gears. I have a word of warning though. Always lubricate the chain after cleaning it with a bicycle chain lubricant from a bike shop and not some lubricant like WD40 household.